Caribbean Executive Leadership Series 2012

February 8, 2012 – February 10, 2012

Executive Leadership Practices for the New era of Financial Services
February 8, 2012 – February 10, 2012

Providers of financial services must navigate a new era of global pressures such as heightened regulation by government, higher capital requirements, volatile customer behaviours and intensifying competition. These challenges not only constrain organizational growth but also induce organizational decline. Leaders need to be alert to the realities of changing environments at home and abroad, make careful but timely decisions (including de-skilling and re-skilling of employees) and motivate discretionary effort for success. Against this background, the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS) in collaboration with Mona School of Business (MSB) will host a three-day workshop on executive leadership for the Caribbean Financial Services Sector.

At the end of the workshop, participants should be better able to:

  1. Apply critical thinking skills to anticipate organizational impacts from global and local trends and events and decide workable responses to various scenarios

  2. Use fresh leadership insights to shape organizational culture and realize sustainable growth

  3. Motivate discretionary effort for superior supply chain results

The MSB/JIFS Caribbean Executive Leadership programme has a philosophy of “experiential learning” in which participants benefit from pre-workshop assignments, interactive presentations and discussions, case analysis, role-play simulations and critical thinking exercises. Our emphasis is on helping veteran, new and emerging leaders to resolve organizational challenges and get meaningful results. This programme is designed to encourage reflection, self-assessment, learning and the collegial discussions and sharing of perspectives and experiences making full use of practical approaches, real life examples and organizational best practices.