2nd MSBM Conference on Business and Management

November 9, 2016 – November 11, 2016

Sustaining its mission to engage with the pressing and emerging themes in business and management Mona School of Business and Management, the University of the West Indies will be convening its second academic conference around the theme: Connecting the Dots: Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development. The theme of this second event is guided by the emphasis on the private sector in the SDG and by extension, the focus on business, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Along with innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship are major factors of production, receiving increased attention in the discourse on economic growth and development. The recognition of entrepreneurship as an important enabler in the development process has always been acknowledged by economic development scholars such as Sir Arthur Lewis, a Nobel Prize winner in Economics who was born in the Caribbean. Today, with the Caribbean struggling to find a strong growth pole on which to anchor its future development, it is acknowledged that entrepreneurship and innovation will be the key factors of production that it must harness within an SDG world. It is critical therefore, that rigorous academic attention be paid to these important pillars of future growth for the region in order to build a strong conceptual and empirical base from which to launch.