The 4th Conference of Business and Management, therefore brings together business leaders, investors, professionals, students, philanthropists and faculty, from all four sectors, to share best practices, interrogate theory, evaluate research, and engender new ideas, at the intersection of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, capital, innovation and society.

The Conference invites submissions in all areas of Entrepreneurship, including:

  • Small Business Entrepreneurship;
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship;
  • Survivor Entrepreneurship;
  • Opportunity Entrepreneurship;
  • High Growth Entrepreneurship;
  • Innovation Entrepreneurship;
  • Immigrant and Diaspora Entrepreneurship;
  • Transnational Entrepreneurship;
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Public Organisations;
  • Youth Entrepreneurship;
  • Gender and Entrepreneurship;
  • Mass Entrepreneurship;
  • Financing Entrepreneurship;
  • Individual Entrepreneurship;
  • Acquisitive Entrepreneurship;
  • Imitative Entrepreneurship;
  • Incubative Entrepreneurship;
  • Entrepreneurship and Development;
  • The Entrepreneurial Cycle;
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy;
  • The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship.


Special Focus: In particular, the conference will have a special focus on Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise

Capital for Good: Business and the Social Economy

  • Social Enterprise as Business Unusual
  • Sustainable Business
  • Financing the Third Economy/Social Finance
  • Banking and Finance and the Third Economy
  • Strategies for Financial Inclusion
  • Models of capitalisation
  • Impact investment/finance
  • Measuring social impact
  • Corporate Philanthropy, Foundations, Social Ventures
  • Funding Social Enterprise and Social entrepreneurship
  • Business innovation and Social transformation
  • Business Strategy and Sustainability
  • The Social Entrepreneur as a special actor
  • The “Conscious Capitalism”
  • Tensions and Misunderstandings Between For and Non-Profits


Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Practice

  • Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise, Business, Government and Society
  • Trends, patterns and scope of social entrepreneurship
  • Organizational forms of social enterprises
  • How do social enterprises compare with other organisational types?
  • What is the future for social enterprise/entrepreneurship?
  • How are/can the private sector and governments presently involved in the social entrepreneurship space and what are their roles?
  • What is the current state of the SE Ecosystem
  • Social Innovation, Growth and the SDGs
  • Innovative Solutions to Youth employment
  • Youth Empowerment, Growth and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Community Development and Empowerment
  • Gender and the Social Economy
  • Social Entrepreneurship/Enterprise and the Transformation of Livelihoods
  • Social Enterprise and Environmental Sustainability
  • The Negative Side of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Emergence and Scaling of SEs in Small, Developing, and Emerging Economies
  • Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Sustainable Development
  • The Social Economy and Innovations in Tourism


Legal, Policy and Regulatory Issues in SEs

  • What are the major policy lessons?
  • What is the state of and role of policy in this space?
  • Good Practices in Policy Making and Regulating SEs
  • Governing and Good Governance in SEs
  • Social economy and the delivery of public services


Tech for Good

  • Wireless and mobile innovation for impact
  • Technology and Social Impact
  • Open/Data and Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurship


Managing Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurship

  • Financial Management and Accountability of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Good Governance and Ethical Issues
  • Practices in regulating and Managing SEs and CSOs
  • Strategic Leadership in the Third Sector
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Competitiveness
  • Strategies and Challenges for Building, Scaling and Innovation in the Social Economy


Theory and Conceptual Developments in Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurship

  • What is the state of the art in the discipline?/ What have we learned from past research and practice in SE?
  • What lessons do other disciplines and conceptual frames hold for the area?
  • How developed is social entrepreneurship as a (sub)discipline?
  • What gaps remain in research and practice?


Teaching and Researching Social Enterprise/Entrepreneurship

  • What is the relevance of context, time and space in social entrepreneurship/enterprise research?
  • Cross-cultural and comparative Perspectives
  • Case studies in social entrepreneurship: Pitfalls, Good Practices
  • Is there an emerging “Caribbean model” of social entrepreneurship/enterprise?
  • Contribution of Caribbean/Small Developing/Emerging Contexts to Research, Practice, and Theory-Building in the field
  • With the rise of social entrepreneurship education: What has been learnt? What are the pedagogies?
  • How should social entrepreneurship be taught?
  • Emerging themes in social entrepreneurship education
  • Consulting for Impact – The Role of Universities, Consultants and International Organisations
  • Research challenges in social entrepreneurship


In particular, practitioner perspectives, including videos and artistic presentations that engage the themes are welcomed.

These and other questions more broadly related to business and management will be interrogated from multiple-contextual/-disciplinary lenses.