Eszter Hartay

Ms. Eszter Hartay is a Hungarian lawyer working as a Senior Legal Advisor with the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL). Since 2010 she has been supporting the development of a more enabling legal environment for civil society in at least 14 countries as diverse as Armenia, Kosovo and Iraq. She is a key expert in the formulation and implementation of laws, policy papers and strategies and specializes in issues related to social enterprises, CSO framework legislation, public benefit status, CSO-government cooperation, citizen participation and financial sustainability. Ms. Hartay has conducted more than a dozen multi-country comparative legal studies on emerging topics such as social entrepreneurship and fundraising. Publications she has contributed to include the Legal framework for Social Economy and Social Enterprises: A Comparative Report; The Regulatory Framework for Fundraising in Europe; Civil Society in Europe- Minimum Norms and Optimum Conditions of its Regulation; CSO Meter for assessing the civil society environment in the Eastern Partnership countries; and others.