Jocelyn Nieva

Jocelyn Nieva is Senior Legal Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean with the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL). Ms. Nieva is a lawyer and Latin America regional specialist, with extensive experience in civil society legal reform, civil society development, and administrative law. She is an expert with respect to all aspects of the laws governing the right to freedom of association and civil society organizations (CSOs), including lifecycle legislation, social enterprise, government-CSO partnerships, and civic participation. Ms. Nieva authored Blurred Lines and Tough Choices: Jamaica’s Complex Legal Environment for Civil Society Organizations and Social Enterprises and Implications for Reforms. She was the lead author of Challenges and Opportunities to Promote More Enabling Legal Environments for Civil Society Organizations: A Look at Six Latin American Countries, and she edited Promoting Instruction of Civil Society Law in Latin America: Contributions from Regional Experts (in Spanish). Ms. Nieva has collaborated with CSOs and universities in several countries to design and promote instructional programs in the laws governing CSOs. She has developed and led multiple training and mentoring projects designed to build CSO monitoring and legal reform skills.