Conference Presentations 2017


Doctoral Consortium
The Effectiveness of Acquisitions (M&A action) in Emerging Markets: The Case of Jamaica

Stanley Beckford
Aid and or Hindrance to Economic Development

Austen Douglas-Panther
Entrepreneurship Education Programs in Higher Education: Perceptions of Stakeholders in Developed and Developing Economics

Noel Morgan
Trust in Cooperatives: The Relationship Between Board of Directors, Management, Members and the Impact on Performance

Brenda Cuthbert
Panel: Overcoming the Hurdles of Raising Capital: A Closer Look at the Constraints and Solutions to Accessing Credit Financing for Small & Family-Owned Businesses
Weighted Indexes' as a tool for improving objectivity in funding decisions among stakeholders within the Social Economy - The case of Jamaica

Kadamawe Knife, Michael Marshal and Edward Dixon
Which "F" is it - Financing, Family or Female

Lawrence Nicholson
An Investigation into the Impact of Capital Structures on the Profitability Levels of New Ventures in Trinidad & Tobago

Priscilla Bahaw
Panel: Employment Relations in the Caribbean Financial Sector
Banking Trust: A Trade Union Perspective on Employment Relations in the Caribbean Financial Sector

Senator Kavan Gayle
Banking on Trust: A Management Perspective on Employment Relations in the Caribbean Financial Sector

Carolyn Lewis
The Contemporary Challenges of Employment Relations in the Caribbean Financial Sector - Lessons from the International Arena

Carla-Anne Harris Roper
Reflections of Employment Relations in the Caribbean Financial Sector

Michael McAnuff Jones
Panel: Supporting an Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurship Thinking and Practice in Jamaica - Policy and Programmes
A Model for Developing a National Social Enterprise Movement: The SEBI Approach

Saffrey Brown
Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Community Development:The Best Schemes Programmes

Wendy-Jo Williams
Role of Good Governance in Social Entrepreneurship Practice for Sustainable Community Development - The Community Renewal Programme PIOJ

Charmaine Brimm
Developing Policy to Support the Social Economy - Limited Review of National MSME policy

Clifford Spencer
Panel: Finance, Development & Finance
Financing Development throught Collaboration in the Caribbean: Arguments for Improved Vigilance, Governance and Policy Regulation Framework - the case of Guyana

Mark Lewis
Ambush Marketing: A Parasitic Attack or an Alternative to Sponsorship

Gerd Nufer
Wealth Creation and Inequality

Albert Duncan


Panel: The Disruptive Implications of New FinTechs on Traditional Banking and Finance
Digital Financial Services (DFS) in the Caribbean

Shiva Bissessar
Fintech, The Most Disruptive Technology of the Century

Maria Luisa Martinez
Strategic Responses to the Threat and Opportunities of New Technologies and New Entrants

Nicole Brown
Panel: Technology and Finance
The Consumer Behavioural Predictors of Credit Card Misuse

Trevor Smith
Towards a Cybercrime Classification Ontology: Case of the Jamaican Jurisdiction

Charlette Donalds
The Impact of Information Systems on the Operations of Commercial Banks in Jamaica: A Preliminary Study

Lakeith Bailey, Shakira Robinson, Arlene Spence & Delroy Chevers
Jamaica & the ICT/BPO 'sector' - The DBJ Intervention

Dianna Dacosta
Panel: Entrepreneurship, Gender and Finance
Female Entrepreneurship in English and Spanish speaking Caribbean countries: The effect of colonization

Tolulope Bewaji
Gender and Leadership in an Emerging Economy: Comparison of Female and Male Leadership Behaviours and Job Satisfaction

Akhentoolove Corbin
Assessing Entrepreneurial Intention in a Plural Society: Evidence from Trinidad and Tobago

Wynette Harewood, Francisco Linan and Saha Gour
The UWI Mona Township and the Entrepreneurial SKills in its 'Venture'

Olivene Burke &: Tariq Weekes
Panel: The Evolving Role of Mutuals in the Caribbean Financial Services Landscape
What Competitive Strategy for Caribbean Mutual Companies

William Lawrence
Cooperative Self-Governance or External Regulation; Preserving the Role of Mutuals in the Jamaican Financial Sector

Brenda Cuthbert
A practitioner persepective on the essence of Mutuality, challenges and opportunities for the Modern Mutual

Peter Reid
The Evolution of Financial Technologies and the Role of Mutuals in the Contemporary Financial Landscape

Maurice McNaughton
Panel: Corporate Governance, Risk & Ethics
Exploring Business Culture and Analyzing Institutional Realities - Case studies form Enterprises in Jamaica and Brazil 2017

Alison Roofe & Michael Roofe
Wealth Creation and Inequality
Suzanne Wynter
A General Model of COrporate Boards: An examination of theories and a review of the literature on board of directors

 Jeanelle Baron
Panel: Business Renewal, Continuity & Rengineering
Starting and developing small business

Valerie Veira
Reengineering a mature business

Simon Roberts
Preparing employees for company-wide transformation

Rickert Allen
Extracting Value from data asstes

Maurice McNaughton
Managing Enterprise Risk for Business Renewal in Jamaica

William Lawrence
Panel: Case Studies in Finance & Development
Personality Traits as the Basis for Selling Life Insurance to Young Adults

Trevor Smith
The Impact of Fiscal Incentives Over the Last Six years on the Tourism Sector in Jamaica

Horace Campbell, Cly-Anneka Jones-Williams, Kemoy Jones & Delroy Chevers
Global Health Initiatives: An Income Generation Model

Donnahae Rhoden-Salmon, Antoinette Barton-Gooden, Robin Leger & Steve Weaver


Panel: Corporate Governance & Business Sustainability
Corporate Ownership in Small Island Developing States

Justin Robinson
Evaluating Corporate Sustainability in the Jamaican Manufacturing Sector

Delroy Chevers, Indianna Minto-Coy, David Parker, Alicia Loh, Elisa Gebennini, Bianca Rimini & Luca Zeppetella
Aligning Lending Strategies with the Transformation Experiences of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Winsome Halliman


Panel: National Security & The Growth Economy
A citizen's Observation of the Jamaican National Security Apparatus

Marc Francis Ramsay
National Security and the Growth Economy

Wayne Henry
Panel: Taxation - Policy and Practices
The Effect of Public Goods Messaging on Personal Income Tax Compliance among the Self-Employed: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Jamaica

Oronde Small
Building a Tax Culture: A Case for Taxpayer Education and Publicity Programmes

Mark Lewis
Closing Plenary: Partnerships for Renewal of Jamaica's Tourist Capital
Partnership for Renewal of Jamaica's Tourist Capital

Andrew Spencer