Food Tourism in Ghana

Augusta Adjei-Frempong
While foodservice is a characteristic of all destinations, recent development suggests that very often the success of a tourist attraction embeds in the provision of foodservice facilities that has the potential to increase the visitor experiences demanded at the sites. Tourists visiting Ghana prefer and desire to experience the culture of the destination through the cultural artefacts such as the customs, flavour and quality of food. This paper employed a qualitative approach conducted at seven towns (n=135) to evaluate the development of foodservice operations at tourist attractions.

The study used observations and unstructured interviews to establish local foodservice operations and practices over a four-month period. The recipe, cooking methods and standards of local food service at the sites were used in the assessment. Results highlighted a mixed style of foodservice operations at the attractions. The interviews showed that operators are faced with challenges of meeting demands made by the international visitors and create a variety of menu that leaves consumers to identify.