The Impact of the International Sporting Events on International Arrivals: Melbourne Australia and Jamaica

Twilae-Mae Logan
Clive Scott
Eritha Huntley Lewis
This study examines changes in average daily room rates, occupancy rates and international tourist arrivals in Melbourne Australia after the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Using data prior to the games, autoregressive models with independent variables were used to model these series. The differences between the actual and predicted series after the games were attributed to shocks caused by hosting the Commonwealth Games. The study was extended to look at the impact on tourist arrivals in Jamaica after the World Cup Cricket matches. In the Australian case the results indicate that after the games, average daily room rates were significantly higher, international arrivals were marginally higher than before the games, while occupancy rates were essentially unchanged. While in the Jamaican case, international tourist arrivals from non-traditional countries increased after the World Cup Cricket matches.