Post-Colonization and Tourism in Jamaica: A Discussion Paper

Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh
Douglas L. Hoston
The purpose of this paper is to critically discuss the notion of post-colonization and its relationship with tourism in Jamaica. It particularly examines the works of Stuart Hall relating to cultural identity and Aime╩╣ Cesaire╩╣ regarding the three presences, namely, African, European and American. The discourse of cultural identity is explained within two frameworks; the first one refers to shared culture which is based on collectivism and describes the ‘one true self’ and the second is associated with the “sense of difference” which pertains to the transformation and reshaping of culture. The three presences characterize the nature of post-colonization in terms of the cultural background of the Jamaican people, the socio-political structure which governs the people and the expectations of the visitors. This discussion paper advances the paradigms of cultural identity and the three presences by linking them to the concept of nation culture and how this phenomenon helps to stimulate the development of tourism in Jamaica.