4th MSBM Conference on Business & Management:"Delivering on the Promise of Entrepreneurship"

Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica

4th MSBM Business and Management Conference:

Delivering on the Promise of Entrepreneurship:

Critical Perspectives on Research, Practice, and Thinking in the Fourth Economy

July 10-12, 2019 | Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica

The 2019 renewal of the MSBM Conference on Business and Management is the fourth in a series that aims to frame scholars and practitioners as partners in the task of rigorously interrogating the theory and practice of business and management with a particular focus on the challenges faced by businesses in small island developing states. Aside from vigorous engagement between the university and the business community, the two previous conferences have resulted in one special edition of the regional journal Social and Economic Studies and ongoing work towards, among other things, a special edition of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

While there exists a growing body of literature and evidence in many countries on the link between entrepreneurship and growth, the promise of entrepreneurship remain largely unrealised for many countries, including those in the Caribbean. There remains a clear need for deeper interrogation of the state of entrepreneurship, theory and practice. It is critical therefore, that rigorous attention be paid to these important pillars of growth to build a strong conceptual and empirical base from which to launch.

The 4th International Conference on Business and Management brings together business leaders, investors, professionals, students, philanthropists, faculty, civil and public sectors too share best practices, interrogate theory, concepts and methodologies, engender new ideas, at the intersection of business, philanthropy, capital, innovation and society.

The Conference seeks to attract national, regional and international scholars who are writing and researching on a range of business related issues as well as the practitioners who are grappling with these issues on a daily basis.